The 10 Outer Commitments

Just as various industries, such as the building and the organic foods industry, have recognized standards and labeling at the international level, Slow Luxury is a forum for recognizing and achieving new value assessments for luxury goods and experiences.

Goods and services are the “gift,” this is what we value and create of the earth’s resources and offer to others.  A Maker’s positioning and goals towards these The 10 Outer Commitments’ of luxury is the new standard. From seed inception to product offering, this is the dedication to the health of our planet and all beings.

ONE    Bio-sourced

All natural materials from plants or animals sourced compassionately from certified bio-luxury providers, no synthetic or petroleum based materials.

TWO    Community

Promoting heritage, education, and craft, along with the bio-balanced manufacturing traditions of indigenous people.

THREE   Skills

Retaining important, long-standing traditional industries and skills e.g. weaving, shepherding, spinning, and balanced wildlife management.

FOUR   Economy

Positive impact on local economy. ‘Local’ production of goods over out-sourcing internationally.

FIVE   Ethical provenance

Traceability and accountability of source of materials.

SIX    Bio-harmony

Humane and organic treatment and management of plant and animal communities, in harmony with local and global eco system.

SEVEN   Low to zero impact and waste cycle

Environmentally friendly production techniques.

EIGHT   Low carbon footprint

Planned whole product life cycle from design and manufacture to life beyond use, ultimately biodegradable. Least environmental impact, across supply chain and materials, cultivation, harvest, manufacture and distribution.

NINE   Fair and ethical standards for employment

Fairness across the supply chain.

TEN   Very high quality

Manufacture intended for long term use.

Copyright Slow Luxury. All rights reserved.

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