The 10 Inner Commitments


In the same vein as timeless spiritual, earth-honored traditions held by Native Americans, Yogis and Feng Shui masters, traditions which revere and recognize the value of slowing down to be aligned with Nature’s luxury, Slow Luxury is a modern forum for recognizing and achieving new value assessments for luxury goods and experiences – centered on this precious relationship.

Goods and services are the “gift.”  They are what we value and create of the earth’s resources and offer to others.  A Maker’s positioning and goals towards these 10 Outer Commitments’ of luxury must first align as an inner commitment.  This is the new standard.
From seed thought to offering, this is a slow luxury dedication to the health of our planet and all beings.

Here are the Slow Luxury ’10 Inner Commitments’ to balance ourselves from the inside, an inner giving necessary to give outward from the best of aligned intentions.

ONE    Slow Down. Slow Down. Slow Down.

In the midst of disconnect, slow down. Get a grip. Get quiet from the inside. Find the natural luxury of the breath and expand it, slow it down.  Breath is our inner “radiator.”


TWO   Get Earthy.

Get down and get earthy. Make a ritual. Get sexual. Tame the wild inside by surfing the sensory.  Only full-on desire soothes the mind’s illusions.

Slow-Luxury-3rd -chakra-stonemilker-virtual-reality-beisenbach PS12

THREE    Feed Love.

Feed the hungry core. Make food or art or a dance or a song from the core. Belting it out belts in the sanity of connection strong.

Slow-Luxury-4th-chakra-contemplating flowers

FOUR    Trip. Give.

Travel around your desk or the world.  Travel opens the heart. Explore how to help someone, melt boundaries and be a warrior for the soft heart.


FIVE   True Voice.

Drop the voice of strife. Be eager to hear the larger nurturing truth by connecting to the larger ‘Father Sky’ and ‘Mother Earth.’  Hugging that is kind of ecstatic and majorly creative.


SIX     Framing Miracles.

There are 92 billion + things we do not know about the universe we find ourselves in.  One thing we do know is that CHOICE is available at any time and miracles can happen.  Frame like that.  Bet the farm on it.

branches- ice

SEVEN    Strong, Silent Support.

The strongest support of the earth is silent and vast.


EIGHT     Recycle and Compost.

Life is an infinity loop of complete, compost and rebirth. Get with that program and everything suddenly makes sense.


NINE     Mirror, mirror.

Outer experience reflects our inner experience.  To see the Self in all beings, from insects to plants to people is to cultivate compassion for the world. It creates ‘heaven.’

Now that is Slow Luxury.

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