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Wednesday, NOVEMBER 15TH!

Slow Luxury

A New Standard for Sustainable Luxury


Creatives, Designers, Shoppers and Lovers of Sustainable Luxury

To Join Ornare, Slow Luxury and SohoMuse

Slow Luxury FESTA 2017

The New Creatives 

Global Slow Luxury Shops, Evening Round Table Talk,
Networking Festa! Cocktail Party

RSVP’s a must: myrcia@ornareusa.com

10% of pop-up shop proceeds benefit
The Vivo à Beiro trans-Atlantic sailing adventure
for BrazilFoundation favela youth projects
(more below on this adventure!)

  • SHOP: A real-time holiday pop up shop with sustainable Slow Luxury for sale in the beautiful Ornare Manhattan showroom.
  • NETWORK, FESTA, PARTY with: SohoMuse, the high-end full-service networking and content platform for Creatives
  • LEARN: A round table evening talk hosted by interior design’s favorite blogger, Rio Hamilton and designers, Marie Aiello; Jade Dressler; Pitter Schattan of Ornare and Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin of SohoMuse.

Our festa! shops feature:

  • AromaM  place and thematic-based indie-perfumes of Japan, Italy, made here in NYC by Master Perfumer, Maria McElroy
  • The new Immortal Beloved Goddess Perfume + Coloring Book from House of Cherry Bomb, (perfume) Jade Dressler (coloring book) and Immortal Beloved Goddesses
  • Home linens, pillows and textiles from India’s traditional weavers that revive techniques and fabrics for modern lives from The White Weave
  • Linen and cotton handwoven textiles with a fresh, relaxed aesthetic made in US on traditional looms from Stephanie Seal Brown
  • Luxury black candles scented by Scotland’s natural worlds from Goldhart
  • Lorae Russos collections and custom fine jewelry, a synergy of art’s unconventional spirit, the beauty of nature and magic of transformational stones
  • Shop Zuri makes very chic dresses in one modern bold style with Kenya’s brilliant prints

Beauty, jewelry, perfume, clothing, candles, pillows, linens and holiday gifts  for women  and men to inspire all within the luxe-custom home design fantasies of Ornare.

Please see the SlowLuxury Instagram account where we’ll be posting visuals of all the rare treasures and lucky charms in the shop.

Save The Date!
November 15, 2017   4pm to 9pm

HOSTS: Ornare, SohoMuse, and Slow Luxury

Ornare, A+D Building, 150 E 58th St. New York

RSVP a must: myrcia@ornareusa.com

We are honored to support the Vivo à Beira, Life on The Edge, race to support art and culture for Brazil’s favela youth.

WHO    Pierre Lacaze, CEO of LCM Commodities, JR, the artist, Yoann Richomme, skipper, BrazilFoundation, favela youth in Brazil

WHAT   ART AND CULTURE VS. DRUGS FOR FAVELA YOUTH. In the chaotic favelas of Brazil, youth have little opportunities, beyond being caught up in the cross hairs of drug culture. Futures become brighter when a financier and a sailor sail on the high seas in a legendary race, with a sail by famous artist, JR, all to raise funds for cultural programming as an alternative to drugs and crime.
A Dream: Financier Pierre Lacaze chases a dream across 4800 miles at sea on a two-handed regatta to dramatically raise funds for projects and initiatives he has supported for over 6 years
The Arts: Teamed up with fellow philanthropist, internationally-known artist JR, the artist’s photography of a giant woman’s eye adorns the sail of the yacht called Vivo à Beira, Life on The Edge
The Legendary Race: Transat Jacques Vabre, 13th edition, an unforgiving two-week long Trans-Atlantic sailboat race via 4800 miles between Le Havre, France and Brazil’s northeast coast, along the historical coffee trade route. The team will compete against the planet’s most accomplished skippers, navigating some of the fastest sailboats ever designed.
Fund-Raising for Cultural Initiatives for Brazilian youths: Vivo à Beira plans to raise $500,000 for social initiatives based in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Brazil. As of October 2017, the trip has raised nearly $60,000.
WHY For kids growing up in Brazil’s poverty-stricken favelas drug dealing and a life of crime can seem like the only viable life and career choice. With Brazil now in a recession with unemployment rates having soared to unforeseen levels, support for social projects for favela youth have come to a halt. When financier/philanthropist, Pierre Lacaze experienced first hand the favela life, he “saw guns and anger but I also saw resolve and intent.” This intent has became his philanthropic passion for six years supporting creative arts initiatives for youth in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas with BrazilFoundation with the Fundo Carioca, a special fund whose investments are directed exclusively for these projects.
WHERE   The 4800-mile Trans-Atlantic Journey, Transat Jacques Vabre
WHEN    Events in Brazil, France and US:
November 5, Le Harve, France, Official start of the race, Departure of Vivo à Beira
November 21- 25, Salvador, Brazil, Arrival of Vivo à Beira finishing the race

HOW To Contribute: The public can find out more about Vivo à Beira and contribute by visiting:
http://vivoabeira.org/ (English) +1 212 244 3663
org/campaign/vivo-a-beira (Portuguese and English)
Instagram   https://www.instagram.com/vivoabeira_fundocarioca/

“Racing across the Atlantic on some of the fastest sailboats ever built is a dream I have had since I was ten years old,” Lacaze, CEO of LCM Commodities based in Manhattan admits. “My main goal, is to get kids to dream big, make them proud, and raise money for their education. We called this sailboat adventure Vivo à Beira that translates to ‘Life on the edge.’ Favela youth and I have shared this feeling through tears, smiles and laughs. They are hard working and pure. They deeply care about chasing dreams. They are the best of us.”

































Explore Bespoke Scent + Design Immersed in Marrakech



Imagine your complete sensual immersion in the magical, mystical scents, spices, flavors, and experiences in a place that has attracted artists, free-spirits, and the international jet-set since the 60’s.   Luminaries such as Yves St. Laurent, The Beatles and Stones; beauties from Talitha Getty to Madonna and Kate Moss; and world pioneering investors such as Richard Branson, all discovered a secret, precious world.  Marrakech, Morocco.

Slow Luxury is proud to be partnered with Epic Road, the transformative travel company.  Epic Road offers immersive and socially conscious experiences from luxury safaris tagging and helping to save the rhino population to honeymoons in Africa, the Indian Ocean, Asia, the Arctic, and Antarctica that combine the planet’s great adventures with thought-provoking experiences related to humanitarian and conservation initiatives.  Epic Road has created a new genre of travel, called “transformative travel,” by creating exceptional, mind-expansive journeys that inspire, captivate, and thrill.  Travel & Leisure magazine has designated Epic Road as a preferred travel specialist.

Beginning in December 2016, we offer Slow Luxury + Epic Road custom guided tours to Marrakech.  In support of the slow luxury arts and culture of Marrakech, we are launching the first opportunity to create your own scent with Master Perfumer, Maria McElroy and explore the rich, original arts and community craft that abounds in the city, guided by Slow Luxury’s Jade Dressler.

Immerse below or click here to learn more and speak to Epic Road about your travel desires.

Custom Voyage to Morocco for Website_Page_01

Custom Voyage to Morocco for Website_Page_03

Custom Voyage to Morocco for Website_Page_04


Maria has created indie-perfumes inspired by her travels in Asia and Africa with rare essences and natural oils through the brand AromaM for over 20 years. Learn more here.


Mark Lakin’s passion for luxury, adventure, photography and philanthropy galvanized a journey across all seven continents that continues today. Mark is co-founder of Epic Road, learn more about Mark, here.


Jade Dressler is an artist, designer, and co-founder of Slow Luxury who has written and spoken about design in magazines and international conferences. Learn more about Jade here.

Custom Voyage to Morocco for Website_Page_08

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